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Welcome into my weird world.

Italian. Twenty five. On the wrong planet at the wrong time. "My headphones, they saved my life" ♥ I see sounds. I like to hit things. My head is a jukebox. I love Art. messy hair. guitars. drums. violins. books. photography. rock'n'roll. beer. british accent. leather jackets. boys with long hair. pizza. bubbles. AC Milan. concerts. tattoos. hip hop. the L word. vintage. feathers. coffee. jessica & lisa origliasso. pubs. big bang theory. The Doors. checked shirts. Led Zeppelin. johnny depp. helena bonham carter. tim burton. boots. black eyes. fairy lights. uh huh her. London. American Horror Story. alison mosshart. jamie hince. jack white. Nirvana. girl interrupted. florence + the machine. arcade fire. the national. warpaint. chuck palahniuk. Patti Smith. peter doherty.

"The most that I can learn, is in records that you burn."

I don't make mistakes... I fall in love with them.

-Rock 'n' roll sent us insane-

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  Fanny Price, Mansfield Parki   (via stillesgewaesser)

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